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Oh KnitPicks… April 7, 2010

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Why do you tempt me so?

Last night I got their new catalog in the mail. The last thing I need is more yarn. But they’ve got so much nice stuff. I keep looking at the yarn thinking that I can make this project or that project with that type of yarn. I look at the lovely colors of lace and think, “I can find a nice lace weight pattern to use that for.” So far I’ve restrained myself. I just ordered last week and got my yarn last Thursday. I”ll wait for a bit to order. That Wool of the Andes Bulky is wonderful, it’s nice and soft. I really want the Galaxy colorway, but I’ve got a lot of purple stuff. But how can you resist your favorite color?

I’ve already used the Spumoni colorway for my MacBook Bag……

The Spumoni is the multi-colored yarn. Which you probably guessed that by now. The pattern was improvised by me. I used continuous rounds. I was debating felting it, but I decided not to. It’s a bit big, but I couldn’t let it felt too much. It gives me an option if it stretches out. I do have to come up with something to take some of the pull off the strap. I can’t use the strap when the computer is in the bag, it really pulls.

I’ll have to think about it.


2 Responses to “Oh KnitPicks…”

  1. I totally agree knit picks yarn is so addicting and affordable. I just ordered 6 balls of yarn from them and already want more! P.S. Love the bag!

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