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First Attempt of Hand-Dyeing April 25, 2010

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I attempted hand-dyeing my first skein of wool this morning. Right now it’s drip-drying on the faucet in my sink.

The colors I choose were Lemon-Lime and Orange Kool-Aid

It didn’t turn out too bad. I had a bit of a scare when the liquid combined in the bottom of my dish and made a lovely brown. But after taking the skein out of the dish, the skein dyed wonderfully. The yarn took up all the orange color, there was some green left in the dish, but the green part of the yarn was colored fine for me, so I stopped nuking it.

The yarn has sections of green, orange and some light brown specks. The brown actuallly looks good good with the other colors. I was afraid the top part of the skein would be the colors I wanted and the underside would be the brown color. But it dyed like I wanted.

The yarn is still a bit water logged, you can see the colors. The base yarn is Patons Classic Wool in Winter White. As for my method of dyeing, it was a combination of instructions from Knit Picks,, and Leisure Arts (this last link is to a PDF file). Plus a little help from the book Teach Yourself VISUALLY Hand-Dyeing.

Pictures of the finished, dried product will come a little later. Now I’m off to find a pattern that takes only one skein of yarn. 🙂


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