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First Knitting Class June 10, 2010

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I took the first class of the beginner knitters series at my lys last night. We learned to cast on and do knit stitch. The wonderful instructor also went through different types of yarn and other things you need to know about knitting. I tried to teach myself at one point. I got as far as the long-tail cast on, knit and pearl. I need practice at that stuff, but I didn’t develop my crochet skills in a few days, so I know the knitting skills won’t come that fast either. We’ve got homework for next week, knit a 4-inch long swatch in knit stitch. Next week is pearl, stockinette and seed stitch. I’m really anxious to get to the increases and decreases. I’m debating taking the the lace knitting class that is coming up afterwards. The instructor said that after completing the beginner class, everyone should be able to do the lace and/or the cable class without difficulity.

I did have to chuckle though. This is a local LYS, nice, fancy yarn. None of that red-heart acrylic stuff. So understandably they state that class materials must be bought at the LYS. The lady sitting next to me had Red-Heart. A lot of LYSes are adamantly against “big box” store yarn. But the instructor didn’t seem to care. All the beautiful yarn in the store and the lady brings scratchy RH. Whatever.


Really, is it that weird? June 7, 2010

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Earlier today I was sitting at CarSense waiting for my car. I was getting an oil change so it was a quick visit. Instead of sitting there for 30 minutes or so staring into space or playing with my Blackberry, I grabbed a small bag out of my car with a crochet project in it. (I’m glad I did because the news channel that was on the TV in the waiting area was showing a news channel that I don’t particularly like) This is the project that always stays in the car so at times like this, I have something to keep me occupied while waiting. I usually never draw any weird looks from anybody. Even sitting and crocheting at the gym between classes.

But today, an older lady kept staring at me. Not a normal stare either, but one that said “why on earth would you do that out in public?” I was watching her out of the corner of my eye and I swear at one point she snapped a picture on her cell phone.

Honestly, is it so weird to be crocheting or knitting out in public?

Here’s what I was working on……
Pink Lady Scarf