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Really, is it that weird? June 7, 2010

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Earlier today I was sitting at CarSense waiting for my car. I was getting an oil change so it was a quick visit. Instead of sitting there for 30 minutes or so staring into space or playing with my Blackberry, I grabbed a small bag out of my car with a crochet project in it. (I’m glad I did because the news channel that was on the TV in the waiting area was showing a news channel that I don’t particularly like) This is the project that always stays in the car so at times like this, I have something to keep me occupied while waiting. I usually never draw any weird looks from anybody. Even sitting and crocheting at the gym between classes.

But today, an older lady kept staring at me. Not a normal stare either, but one that said “why on earth would you do that out in public?” I was watching her out of the corner of my eye and I swear at one point she snapped a picture on her cell phone.

Honestly, is it so weird to be crocheting or knitting out in public?

Here’s what I was working on……
Pink Lady Scarf


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