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I’m not your knitting machine, I don’t work for free. January 12, 2011

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I got a call from my mother earlier this afternoon. I’m told that we have to go to the yarn store to find a baby pattern for me to make her to give to someone. Maybe a blanket or something. I called her back a few minutes later to tell her, no, I’m not going to do it. I have too much other stuff I want to knit/crochet up. I just finished the giftmas projects, it’s now time for something for me. I know she’s pissed. I got all kinds of attitude in the short response, “okay, that’s fine.” I’m surprised I wasn’t called ungrateful or even a bitch for saying no. Was I asked if I could do this? Was I asked if I had the time to do this? No on both accounts. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind making something for my mother. Whether or not she buys the yarn herself. But when it comes to making something for her to give as a gift, that’s a different story. Blanket, sweater, hat, even booties take time. Especially knitted. I’m not to fast at that yet.


Awhile back, I took a few FOs into my mom at work because she wanted to show them to a co-worker who also knits. Next thing I know, there are a half-dozen people in her office looking at everything. One lady states she likes my Crocheted Crusher Hat. Another lady who I just met says, “I’m sure she can make you one. What color do you want?”


Um, ‘scuse me. I don’t know you, why are you volunteering my time to make someone else at hat? The lady who liked the hat is also someone I just met. Next thing I know I’m hearing “you can make me this” from every angle. Let’s see, the yarn I used for the hat was $10.95 a skein, I used almost 3 skeins. So right there it’s $32.85. I think it took me about 6-7 hours to make it. Let’s say I’m going to charge minimum wage, $7.25/hour. Total comes to $83.60. I know these ladies wouldn’t have paid that for a hat. I would hope my time is worth more than minimum wage to people.


I get paid a fairly decent rate at my full-time job. Why would I use my time to put an effort into something that may take me 10 hours or so for nothing or close to nothing? I don’t think a lot of non-crafters realize the time and effort we put into our handmade items. I have met to many people that think handmade always equals cheaper. Even if I would buy a $2.50 skein of Red Heart, the item made out of it is still worth more than that $2.50. My time maybe worthless to you, but to me, my time and effort are worth something. If someone doesn’t think the same way, they can head down to their local Wal-Mart or learn to do that specific craft themselves.