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Mittens and Mitts, oh my January 15, 2011

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I cast on a mitt for a “good luck” project on Jan 1st. The pattern is Cabled Lacy’s from KnitPicks. The yarn is also from KnitPicks. It’s their Stroll Sport in Jack Rabbit Heather.


I’m just about finished with the first one. Just got to pick up the stitches for the thumb and do 6-7 rounds. It worked up rather easy considering it included both lace and cables.

It’s not a real good picture for the cables and lace. I have to get a better picture when the sun is out.


I also started a cabled mitten class at the LYS. The first class was last Sunday. I’m almost done with the first one. I started to do the decreases at the top, but screwed something up on the second decrease round. I lost a stitch somewhere. So I successfully unknit the second row. My first decrease row has the right amount of stitches, so I’m waiting until the second class tomorrow to make sure I didn’t do anything wrong on the first decrease row. The teacher told us to at least finish up to the row before the thumb gusset starts, but I was only two rows away from that when I left class last week. So I kept moving. I’ve taken a lot of this teachers classes, she doesn’t mind if you work ahead, she just wants you to be at a certain points, at minimum. I figure it’ll give me a head start on the second one. I want to have them finished before I start the Fair-Isle class at the beginning of February.


Again, the lighting is horrid, but here’s a picture of the first mitten so far:

The yarn for these mittens is Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Grande Tweed. The colorway number is 798. It’s sort of a tweedy dusty-green.


Oh KnitPicks… April 7, 2010

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Why do you tempt me so?

Last night I got their new catalog in the mail. The last thing I need is more yarn. But they’ve got so much nice stuff. I keep looking at the yarn thinking that I can make this project or that project with that type of yarn. I look at the lovely colors of lace and think, “I can find a nice lace weight pattern to use that for.” So far I’ve restrained myself. I just ordered last week and got my yarn last Thursday. I”ll wait for a bit to order. That Wool of the Andes Bulky is wonderful, it’s nice and soft. I really want the Galaxy colorway, but I’ve got a lot of purple stuff. But how can you resist your favorite color?

I’ve already used the Spumoni colorway for my MacBook Bag……

The Spumoni is the multi-colored yarn. Which you probably guessed that by now. The pattern was improvised by me. I used continuous rounds. I was debating felting it, but I decided not to. It’s a bit big, but I couldn’t let it felt too much. It gives me an option if it stretches out. I do have to come up with something to take some of the pull off the strap. I can’t use the strap when the computer is in the bag, it really pulls.

I’ll have to think about it.