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Mittens and Mitts, oh my January 15, 2011

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I cast on a mitt for a “good luck” project on Jan 1st. The pattern is Cabled Lacy’s from KnitPicks. The yarn is also from KnitPicks. It’s their Stroll Sport in Jack Rabbit Heather.


I’m just about finished with the first one. Just got to pick up the stitches for the thumb and do 6-7 rounds. It worked up rather easy considering it included both lace and cables.

It’s not a real good picture for the cables and lace. I have to get a better picture when the sun is out.


I also started a cabled mitten class at the LYS. The first class was last Sunday. I’m almost done with the first one. I started to do the decreases at the top, but screwed something up on the second decrease round. I lost a stitch somewhere. So I successfully unknit the second row. My first decrease row has the right amount of stitches, so I’m waiting until the second class tomorrow to make sure I didn’t do anything wrong on the first decrease row. The teacher told us to at least finish up to the row before the thumb gusset starts, but I was only two rows away from that when I left class last week. So I kept moving. I’ve taken a lot of this teachers classes, she doesn’t mind if you work ahead, she just wants you to be at a certain points, at minimum. I figure it’ll give me a head start on the second one. I want to have them finished before I start the Fair-Isle class at the beginning of February.


Again, the lighting is horrid, but here’s a picture of the first mitten so far:

The yarn for these mittens is Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Grande Tweed. The colorway number is 798. It’s sort of a tweedy dusty-green.


The First Entrelac Project January 5, 2011

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I just finished binding off my very first Entrelac project. All it needs yet is the felting. I took it as a class at my LYS. When I first read through the pattern, I wondered to myself, “how am I going to do this? It looks really difficult.” That wasn’t the case. I knitted it up really fast. Faster than I thought I would.

The yarns used in the Entrelac bag are Noro Kureyon in colorway 229 and Lamb’s Pride Worsted in colorway Plum Smoke (color #M166


I enjoyed knitting Entrelac so much that I added another project to my queue on Ravelry. It’s a scarf, but it looks perfect for the the two skeins of Noro Taiyo in colorway 13, (black, white, green and pink). It was in the sale room at the LYS and I couldn’t pass it up.



You gotta wonder about some people October 9, 2010

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I had my last sock knitting class this morning. We did the toe and we learned the kitchner stitch. (did I spell that right? Probably not) Originally the last class was scheduled for today (Oct 9) but when the class schedule went up on the web site, Oct 2 was posted. Apparently the owner of the LYS put the wrong date on. But the dates were discussed in class and the instructor had previous plans for a Knit-out at the shore with a bunch of friends on the 2nd.  So everyone agreed to coming in today for the last class. Two weeks ago, the instructor reminded us numerous times that the class was the 9th, not the 2nd. The website was never changed, it was supposed to be but the owner never got around to it. She’s got a lot on her plate, so it’s understandable.


So go to today in class. The one lady shows up and says that she thought the class was last week. So she showed up. Class started at 9:30am and the shop opens at 11am so there was nobody there. She then left and went home. Just as a side note, she lives in the same township as me and it’s probably only about 5 miles. So she didn’t travel far.


The instructor told us that she was going to call everybody and have us come in last Saturday since she didn’t go. The get-together was cancelled. One of the lady who organized the trip had been a few years in remission from breast cancer. Apparently at the beginning of the year she was having back problems went for tests and it turned out she had a tumor on her spine. The lady passed away last week and the funeral was this past Monday.  It’s totally understandable that our instructor didn’t want to come in on a day she had originally had off and teach. Especially after a friend passed away.


For the first half of the class, the lady that showed up last Saturday kept saying how disappointed she was that there was no class last weekend. How she planned to go somewhere after the class last Saturday. How she was so anxious to finish her sock and how upset she was that she wasn’t going to get to finish it for a week. She told us that she was at home that afternoon just slamming pots and pans around when she was cooking because she upset that there was no class. This was all after the instructor told us about her friend.


I felt so embarrassed that this lady kept acting like showing up for the class and being there on the wrong day (despite being told numerous times that the class was on the 9th) was the worst thing that has happened to her. The instructor’s friend passed away and by the way she spoke, it was very hard on her.


Show a bit of compassion, huh?